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Throw Me A Bone Toronto Inc.

Ontario Venison Blend

Ontario Venison Blend

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Superior Venison Dog Food: A Natural Choice for Your Canine

Treat your beloved dog to the premium, nutritional richness of our Raw Venison Dog Food. Sourced from the lush fields of local Ontario, our venison blend provides an exceptional balance of essential nutrients designed to maintain and boost your pet's health and vitality.

Key Benefits:

  • High-Quality Protein: Lean and rich in flavour, venison is an excellent source of high-quality protein which is crucial for building muscle mass and supporting overall bodily functions.
  • Vital Vitamins: Packed with B vitamins, raw venison aids in energy metabolism, ensuring your dog stays active and vibrant.
  • Mineral-rich: Iron keeps your dog's blood healthy, while phosphorus and zinc prominently support bone health and immune system function.
  • Perfect Fat Balance: The optimal ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids in venison promotes a glossy coat and healthy skin while also supporting brain function.
  • Hypoallergenic: Ideal for dogs with sensitivities, venison is a novel protein that reduces the chance of allergies commonly triggered by other meats like beef and chicken.

Pure Ingredients:

  • 75% Venison Meat: A meaty feast that's as close to wild as it gets, providing unparalleled taste and nutrition.
  • 15% Venison Bone: Ground bone mixed in for a natural source of calcium and other minerals, crucial for strong teeth and bones.
  • 10% Venison Organ: A vital component of any carnivorous diet, organ meat is dense in nutrients, including vitamins A and D, and essential fatty acids.

All the venison in our product hails from local Ontario suppliers, ensuring that your pet gets the freshest and finest quality food while also supporting local communities.

Our Commitment:

Our Raw Venison for Dogs is more than just a meal — it's a stepping stone towards a robust and radiant life for your furry friend. With its unique composition and nutrient density, it's the perfect choice for discerning pet owners who want the best for their canine companions.

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Discover the True Taste of Ontario with Locally Sourced and Crafted Dog Food.

Discover the True Taste of Ontario with Locally Sourced and Crafted Dog Food.


Sourced from local farms and ethically raised, our products are proudly made in Ontario, embodying the #ontariomade spirit. Our signature blends are crafted with human-grade ingredients, ensuring the highest quality. Produced in small batches, each item is meticulously prepared by artisan local butchers, guaranteeing unparalleled craftsmanship. The entire process, from blending to processing, takes place at a human-grade butcher shop, emphasizing our commitment to quality.

Our products are conveniently cubed, simplifying the raw feeding process and making it more accessible than ever. Each batch is sealed in bags to ensure maximum freshness and sustainability. From start to finish, we meticulously oversee the production of our blends, ensuring that every product meets our high standards of quality and care.