Hey there! We're Helena & Justin, the founders of Throw Me A Bone Toronto Inc. It all started when we adopted our first Aussie, Luna. She came to us on a kibble diet, which we continued. But then, a Holistic Vet recommended a raw diet and we did some digging. After attending workshops and summits, we realized that a biologically species-appropriate raw diet was the way to go. So, we gradually transitioned Luna from kibble to raw, and she absolutely loved it! Within just a few days, we noticed positive changes in her coat and energy levels.

Seeing Luna's incredible health transformation, we knew we had to share the benefits of a raw diet with others. That's why we take pride in offering a wide variety of locally sourced proteins, as well as dehydrated and freeze-dried treats, all from Ontario. At Throw Me A Bone Toronto, we're dedicated to helping pet owners become informed and empowered pet parents. Be sure to check out our Friends page for holistic and nutritional advice.

We're thrilled to be a part of the High Park Community, where we can connect with more pet parents and their furry kids! Our mission is to help dogs and cats not just survive, but thrive. We envision a world where all dogs and cats live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives, thanks to the power of nutrition.

Meet Our Pack

We'll start with the pack's leader Alex, a Bengal kitty. Alex recently converted to raw and is loving it. Then we have our Aussies, Luna, Kai and Oakley, and they are high-energy! They are going to be helping us to test out all of our latest products, ensuring you receive only their top picks!

Alex On Raw