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Throw Me A Bone Toronto Inc.

Ontario Grass-Fed Beef Cow Marrow Bones

Ontario Grass-Fed Beef Cow Marrow Bones

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Grass-Fed Beef Cow Marrow Bones for Dogs
Indulge your canine companion's primal instincts with our premium Ontario grass-fed beef cow marrow bones..

Key Benefits:

For the Love of Recreation: Designed as a recreational bone, they're perfect for dogs to gnaw on, facilitating a satisfying and beneficial chew session.
Age Appropriateness: Ideal for dogs past the teething age, these bones can handle the strength of mature jaws while promoting healthy chewing habits.
Nutritional Advantage: Chewing on marrow bones from grass-fed cows offers a wholesome addition to your dog's diet, providing minerals, nourishing marrow, and contributing to oral health.
Our bones are sourced from cows raised on grass diets, which is known for having a more favorable nutritional profile. The act of chewing helps to strengthen jaws and manage pent-up energy levels, while also scraping away plaque and tartar build-up for improved dental health. Plus, the marrow within these bones serves as a rich source of protein and healthy fats.
Usage Instructions:
Chew Time: Monitor your dog during chew sessions. A safe duration is typically around 30 minutes to prevent overexertion of the jaw or tooth damage. Always provide fresh water.
Storage: To maintain freshness and prevent spoilage, store the bones in your freezer until ready to give to your pet, then thaw as needed.
Safety: Remove the bone if it becomes small enough to be swallowed, fragmented, or sharp-edged to protect your dog from potential hazards.
Discover a way to enrich your dog's chewing experience, complement their diet with valuable nutrients, and support their instinctual needs—all through our grass-fed beef cow marrow bones. Treat your best friend to a taste of the wild with every savory bite!

Approx. 1.5lbs

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Discover the True Taste of Ontario with Locally Sourced and Crafted Dog Food.

Discover the True Taste of Ontario with Locally Sourced and Crafted Dog Food.


Sourced from local farms and ethically raised, our products are proudly made in Ontario, embodying the #ontariomade spirit. Our signature blends are crafted with human-grade ingredients, ensuring the highest quality. Produced in small batches, each item is meticulously prepared by artisan local butchers, guaranteeing unparalleled craftsmanship. The entire process, from blending to processing, takes place at a human-grade butcher shop, emphasizing our commitment to quality.

Our products are conveniently cubed, simplifying the raw feeding process and making it more accessible than ever. Each batch is sealed in bags to ensure maximum freshness and sustainability. From start to finish, we meticulously oversee the production of our blends, ensuring that every product meets our high standards of quality and care.