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Throw Me A Bone Toronto Inc.

Goat Ribs Approx. 1lb - 2lb

Goat Ribs Approx. 1lb - 2lb

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Introducing Raw Goat Ribs for Dogs. 🐶 Far from your ordinary treats, these chews are premium-grade, loaded with the essential nutrients your dog craves.

Why are they exceptional? Packed with vital vitamins such as niacin, selenium, and B12, these ribs are a nutritional powerhouse. They're also excellent for supporting joint health, thanks to the presence of glucosamine and chondroitin.

The best part? They're sourced locally from Ontario, guaranteeing freshness and supreme quality. Rest assured, we use human-grade ingredients because nothing but the best will do for your fur babies.

The benefits are vast! These ribs contribute to heart health, bolster muscle and bone strength, and even add a lustrous shine to your dog's coat. They enhance the immune system and maintain dental hygiene, keeping those teeth sparkling.

Ideal for medium to giant breeds, these chews are long-lasting and deeply satisfying. .

Give your furry friend a treat with our yummy Raw Goat Ribs! Made with the best local ingredients for a healthy and wild taste adventure they'll love.

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Discover the True Taste of Ontario with Locally Sourced and Crafted Dog Food.

Discover the True Taste of Ontario with Locally Sourced and Crafted Dog Food.


Sourced from local farms and ethically raised, our products are proudly made in Ontario, embodying the #ontariomade spirit. Our signature blends are crafted with human-grade ingredients, ensuring the highest quality. Produced in small batches, each item is meticulously prepared by artisan local butchers, guaranteeing unparalleled craftsmanship. The entire process, from blending to processing, takes place at a human-grade butcher shop, emphasizing our commitment to quality.

Our products are conveniently cubed, simplifying the raw feeding process and making it more accessible than ever. Each batch is sealed in bags to ensure maximum freshness and sustainability. From start to finish, we meticulously oversee the production of our blends, ensuring that every product meets our high standards of quality and care.